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I create visual works in a tactile medium, referencing both established quilting materials and fine art sensibilities. My work is not exactly quilting, although it maintains a quilted structure of heavily-stitched layers of top, batting and backing, and makes use of traditional quilting materials.

The Tarot of the North Atlantic was born from my affection for the coastline I inhabit. I was looking for a tarot deck that spoke to my affinity for the ocean, and contained some of my knowledge of the flora, fauna and processes that make the ocean work. Since nothing like that existed, obviously I had to make one.

I used skills honed on previous artwork to create the imagery for each card. Friends with additional tarot experience helped me write the booklet that accompanies each deck. The deck reached almost four times my original goal on Kickstarter, allowing me to make additional copies available for those who might have missed that campaign.

To see more of my work, find me at Lee Thomson Art.